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EzyDVD was established in Adelaide in March 1999 and is recognised as being Australia's #1 DVD & Blu-ray destination. We strive to make your shopping experience as pleasant and as hassle-free as possible in a secure shopping environment.

To help serve you better, we have compiled answers to some of the more frequently asked customer service questions for your quick reference. You may wish to check these pages below before launching an enquiry with our customer service team.

  • Q:How do I make a purchase? show answer
    1. Once you’ve found an item you like, simply add the item to your cart via the "BUY NOW" button.
    2. A confirmation box will appear to let you know the item has been added to the cart. Follow this process for each item you want to add to your Shopping Cart. You can keep track of the total items in your cart by just looking for the small Shopping cart icon in the upper right corner.


    1. Once you are finished shopping online, on the top right hand corner you can click on the “Cart” icon or the “View Cart & Checkout” link.
    2. On the “View Cart” page, please check that the product(s), quantity is correct before Checkout.
    3. On the next screen if you have not already logged in you will be prompted to log in. if you are a new customer, click the “No, I am a new customer” button and enter a desired username. On the next page you will be prompted to create your EzyDVD profile. If you are an existing customer, click the “Yes, my password is” button and enter your password.
    4. On the “Payment” page, enter your billing and shipping info. Complete all required fields marked with an asterisk. If you are an existing customer please check that your details are still correct. Select your payment method.
    5. You have the option to "Pay Upon Dispatch" or "Pay Later". If you select "Pay Upon Dispatch" this means we will only charge your full order at the time we process and dispatch the first item from your order (ideal for pre-orders). If you select "Pay Now" we will charge your full order immediately. Click the "Continue Purchase" button.
    6. Once you have confirmed your purchase, a confirmation email will be sent to your email address confirming the item(s) purchased, delivery address and the estimated time of arrival.
  • Q:What credit cards does EzyDVD accept? show answer
    All major credit cards including Visa, Visa Debit, MasterCard, American Express. We regret to advise we do not accept Visa Electron, Switch, Diners Club or debit cards. Please note that we no longer accept payments via Bankcard.
  • Q:What is a CVN/CCV? show answer
    The credit card verification number (sometimes referred to as CCV or CVN) is a three or four digit code found on your credit card. For Visa and Mastercard cards it is the last three digits of the number found on the reverse of the card. For American Express it is the 4 digit number found above the last digits on the front of the card.
  • Q:I don't have a credit card, are there other payment options? show answer

    EzyDVD also accepts Offline Orders, if you do not wish to place your order online. We accept offline payments via Bank Cheque, Money Order, Credit Card and Direct Deposit.

    To place an order using Offline Orders, add items to your EzyDVD Shopping Basket. Please select “Offline Payment” on the Payment page. To place an offline order, please select "Complete Offline Order" button once you are happy with your purchase. Payment instructions will be supplied to you on the order confirmation page once you have completed your order.

    Please record the total amount due (including shipping) and your order number once checkout is complete and use this as a reference number for your payment when a direct deposit is made. Please make payment within 5-10 working days and kindly contact our customer service team via email once payment has been made:

    You can login to your account to view the status of your order at any time.

    Please note: we no longer accept Personal Cheques.

  • Q:It looks like I have been charged twice! What can I do? show answer

    Chances are that you're looking at the payment authorization as explained above. If you truly believe a double charge has occurred, simply contact our customer service department via

  • Q:What is EzyDVD Fraud Prevention & Security process? show answer

    EzyDVD intends to provide you with a safe and secure shopping experience. EzyDVD and our secure payment service providers use the latest technology to protect your credit card information and do not release it to any outside organisation. You can place your orders using secure encryption (the Internet standard for secure transactions).

    Procedures are in place to ensure the highest level of security when ordering with EzyDVD.

    You may be contacted by our Payment Verification & Monitoring team to confirm details prior to the processing of your order. Any email from our Payment Verification & Monitoring team will be sent with direct reference to your purchase order number. Within this email we may ask for confirmation of your identity and address, particularly if there has been no recent activity in your EzyDVD account.

    When the security details have been received, your account is flagged to ensure any future orders placed (where the payment method remains the same), will not be subjected to the same checks.

    We do recognise the inconvenience that this may cause some customers, but we also hope you will appreciate the extra steps we take to ensure your security is not compromised.

  • Q:How can I view my orders Pending/Shipped? show answer

    You can find out about the status of your order at any time by clicking on the My Orders link once you have logged into your account. This link is found on the right hand corner of the site underneath the “Welcome” section on our front page.

    While we make every effort to deliver your order as soon as possible sometimes delays do occur with the postal service and our suppliers. Should an item dispatched not arrive within the estimated period, please note that we cannot investigate the non-arrival of your item until the expiry of 30 days from your original shipment date for domestic orders and 60 days for International orders.

  • Q:How long will it take for an out of stock title to be in stock? show answer

    Products listed on our website are usually available from suppliers within the time frame indicated on the item page. However, on occasion, suppliers may not be able to supply a title within that time frame at which point the title is placed on backorder.

    Unfortunately, we cannot provide expected dispatch times for backordered titles.

  • Q:My order has been declined, what does this mean? show answer

    Should you receive a declined order notification this means that your bank has rejected our request to debit your credit card for a number of possible reasons. Some of these include: incorrect expiry date, insufficient funds, cancelled card or other. If this occurs we are unable to process your order and will consequently contact you via email with instructions on how to proceed further.

    If your order has been declined please contact

  • Q:How do I see the Coming Soon page in list format? show answer

    You can now toggle between list view and thumbnail view on the Coming Soon page. Once on the Coming Soon page, click on the "View All" tab, then click the icon to the right of the change display toggle and select "List View".

  • Q:How do I filter the Coming Soon page by format, genre and other options? show answer

    Click on the "View All" tab on the Coming Soon page and then adjust the left hand filters as required. The filters available are Format, Genre, Price, Ratings, Regions and Subtitles.

  • Q:How do I filter DVDs and Blu-rays by genre, region, price or country on the site? show answer

    You can do this easily via our department (DVD, Blu-ray) pages. Once on the DVD or Blu-ray page, broaden your selection via the "View All" tab. Then use the left hand side filters to narrow down your search. The filters include Genre, Release date, Price, Region, Country, Rating, Language and Subtitle.

  • Q:How do I filter DVD and Blu-ray titles by English-HI or English-AD? show answer

    To find a selection of all titles features on our website with English-HI and English-AD as an option please follow the following instructions:

    For English-AD language:

    1. From the horizontal menu bar please select either "DVD" or "Blu-ray" category and select the "View All" tab
    2. Please scroll to the bottom of the page
    3. Click "More" under the "All languages" filter available on the left hand menu
    4. From the list that pops up, scroll and select "English - AD"
    5. The page will then populate with all titles that have "English - Audio Description" option available.

    Alternatively please click here for the selection already filtered:
    - Find DVD English-AD titles here:
    - Find Blu-ray English-AD titles here:

    For English-HI subtitle:

    1. From the horizontal menu bar please select either "DVD" or "Blu-ray" category and select the "View All" tab
    2. Please scroll to the bottom of the page
    3. Click "More" under the "All subtitles" filter on the left hand menu
    4. From the list that pops up, scroll and select "English-HI"
    5. The page will then populate with all titles that have "English - Hearing Impaired" option available.

    Alternatively please click here for the selection already filtered:
    - Find DVD English-HI titles here:
    - Find Blu-ray English-HI titles here:

  • Q:Why can't I find the title I want? show answer

    Our database is updated on a daily basis and is as accurate and up-to-date as the information provided to us. If you search for a title and it doesn't appear, then chances are that it's currently not available on DVD in Australia. As it is illegal to import DVDs from other regions for re-sale, we are unfortunately unable to accommodate such requests. Hundreds of new DVDs are released every month, so please check our site regularly for updates.

  • Q:Can EzyDVD source DVDs from overseas? show answer

    Simply the answer is no. It's an infringement of copyright for us to deal with product that is not legitimately sourced by its rightful copyright owner in Australia.

  • Q:Will your DVDs play in my country? show answer

    Australian DVDs are formatted in PAL and encoded for Region 4 unless stated otherwise on our website. You may notice that some discs have multiple zones ensuring playability in other countries, providing your DVD player and television are both PAL compatible. Please refer to each individual item's page for this information and the next topic for details on region encoding.

  • Q:What are the "regions"? show answer

    A security system introduced to DVD at the request of Hollywood's major studios to ensure that DVDs released and sold in one region will not play on DVD machines in other regions. Movie distributors therefore maintain control over release dates of their films, as well as enabling discs to be produced that conform to different censorship laws, language and subtitle requirements. When a DVD disc is manufactured, a region code is applied at the authoring stage such that the final disc will play only on those players distributed in the designated world region.

    There are 8 region codes in use throughout the world:

    1. Region 1 - Canada, United States, U.S. territories, Bermuda
    2. Region 2 - Europe, Western Asia, Egypt, Japan, Lesotho, South Africa, Swaziland, British overseas territories, French overseas territories, Greenland
    3. Region 3 - Southeast Asia, South Korea, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan
    4. Region 4 - Australia, New Zealand, Oceania, Central and South America, Caribbean, Mexico
    5. Region 5 - Africa, Central and South Asia, Belarus, Mongolia, North Korea, Russia, Ukraine
    6. Region 6 - Mainland China
    7. Region 7 - Reserved for future use (found in use on protected screener copies of MPAA-related DVDs and "media copies" of pre-releases in Asia)
    8. Region 8 - International venues such as aircraft, cruise ships, etc.

    Additionally, DVDs may be encoded as Region 0, or Region All, which means that they are compatible throughout regions 1-6. Similarly, some DVDs region encoding may be listed as 1,2,3,4,5,6 which also indicates compatibility in all regions.

    Blu-ray discs are also region encoded, with the regions being as follows:

    1. Region A - Americas, East and Southeast Asia, U.S. territories, Bermuda
    2. Region B - Africa, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Oceania, Middle East, Netherlands, British overseas territories, French territories, Greenland
    3. Region C - Central and South Asia, Mongolia, Russia, China

    Some Blu-ray discs may also be multi-region, ie A, B and C, which means they are compatible in all regions.

    Our website will list all the regions a particular DVD or Blu-ray title is compatible with. Regional codes are optional for the makers of DVD & Blu-ray discs themselves. The encryption system on each disc is the same which leads to the next question.

  • Q:My disc won't work! What do I do? show answer

    Quite often the cause of this can be due to discs that have been handled incorrectly (ie. fingerprints or scratches on the read surface, discs forcibly removed from their casing causing cracks). It is most unusual for a disc to be faulty in any way when manufactured. There are rare instances of faulty batches which usually result in product recalls. It is therefore imperative that you check for any of these problems before contacting us.

    Occasionally discs have been found to not be compatible with certain DVD players, which is why we encourage our customers to firstly check any problem discs on another brand of player. In the case of Blu-ray discs, a dedicated Blu-ray player (such as the PlayStation 3) is required to play discs of this format.

    Just as computers require software to run, a Blu-ray player requires firmware to operate smoothly. If you are having issues with playback on a Blu-ray disc please ensure you have the latest firmware installed. Please visit the manufacture website of your Blu-ray player for further details.

  • Q:Will DVDs play on my computer? show answer
    Generally speaking all DVDs play back on your home computer or laptop provided you have a DVD-ROM drive which is compatible with the region encoding of the disc. Most computer monitors will display both the NTSC and PAL signals. We do however advise you check your manual for verification before you proceed with purchase of DVDs.
  • Q:What is Digital Copy? show answer
    A:Digital Copy gives consumers the ability to copy the movie they buy on DVD to their computer hard disc or to a portable DVD player. Similar to what happens when you ‘import’ a CD bought to a Windows Media Player or iTunes. It is not to be confused with ripping, which is illegal for DVDs.
  • Q:How do I retrieve my password? show answer
    To retrieve your password, please follow the instructions given below:
    1. Once you’ve clicked on “Login” – please click on “Forgotten your password?”
    2. It will now take you to a screen where you will be required to enter your username to retrieve your password.
    3. Click on “Recover Password”
    4. An email will now be sent to your registered email address where you will need to click on the link to reset your password.
  • Q:How do I logout of my EzyDVD account? show answer

    To logout simply click on the “Logout” button, which is located on the top right hand side of the screen.

    Please Note: In the interest of security it is extremely important that you logout of your EzyDVD account if you are using a public computer.

  • Q:How do I change my email address? show answer

    To change your email address in your profile, please follow the instructions given below:

    1. Log in to your account.
    2. Once you are logged in, click on "My Account" link shown at the top of the web page.
    3. Click on "Edit Details". Your stored details will be shown to you.
    4. Update your email address. You can also make changes to your address and other pertinent information in this section, with the exception of your username.
    5. Click on "Save Details" to confirm the changes.

    Please note that these changes will reflect only in new orders. Any notifications for orders placed before these changes will be sent to your old email address only.

    Please note: You cannot update your username or merge two usernames unfortunately.

  • Q:Why is my DVD not shrink-wrapped? show answer
    Unfortunately not all distributors shrinkwrap their product, however we guarantee that all product shipped from our distribution centre is brand new.
  • Q:What do classification ratings mean? show answer

    General, suitable for all ages

    Parental Guidance recommended for persons under 15 years

    Recommended for Mature Audiences 15 years & over

    Mature Accompanied, restrictions apply to persons under 15 years

    Restricted to adults 18 years & over

    We do not stock X-Rated titles as sale of such is currently illegal in most states of Australia

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